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Posted on: August 28, 2011 8:18 pm

Hold Your Breath, Pittsburgh TSHQ

Everyone knew that Sidney Crosby's concussion was serious. And with the new awareness of concussions in the sports world, Crosby and the Penguins were doing the right thing and taking things slowly. It seemed as though Crosby was progressing along well, but maybe that's because people were taking the "no news is good news" approach.

But a few weeks ago, there was a report that Crosby had taken a step or two back in his recovery. Many questioned the validity of the report and even more scoffed at the fact that the report came without an identified source. I know that I looked past it. And the Penguins gave a nebulous, noncommittal response to the report, so most people simply figured that everything was fine and going according to schedule.
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