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Posted on: September 27, 2011 6:58 pm

TSHQ Avery's a hypocrite

Wayne Simmonds is fresh off the incident where some idiot at the Flyers/Red Wings game in London, Ontario threw a banana at him during his shootout attempt.

Now, he’s involved in another controversy, but this time, he’s not the “innocent” party.  According to Sean Avery, Simmonds called Avery a homophobic slur.  I’m sure you can give yourself an idea what was said.  And if you need some help, see if you can read Simmonds’ lips.

I’m not going to say what Simmonds said was “morally justifiable.”  Using words like that isn’t the nicest way you can act towards someone.  However, I don’t think I need to tell anyone that there are quite a few nasty things said on the ice during a hockey game.  There’s nasty stuff said during any sporting event on the playing surface.  That doesn’t justify what Simmonds said.  I just think that we’re at the crest of slippery slope of complaining about all sorts of name-calling.  I’m sure the French Canadian players would have some things to report.

Would calling a player a name on the ice (or off the ice) that’s insulting towards women be deemed just as bad?  If you’re going to be upset with what Simmonds said about gays, you should.

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