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Posted on: September 21, 2008 4:47 pm
Edited on: September 21, 2008 8:47 pm

Week 3.....The DeSean Jackson Saga

4:47 PM  Two catches for DJax and he remembered the ball each time.

Flea-flicker!!!!!!!  Ooomph....nevermind.
4:55 PM  I'm going to cry if Westbrook is hurt.  And what stinks even more is that he was trying to protect a teammate.  And Hunt's already had his bell rung.  Hopefully neither is seriously hurt.

Mets blow another game....and lose again.  hahahaha....I love it.  And Utley hits a two run bomb for a 2-0 Phillies lead.

Man, Buckhalter has some serious ups.  7-3 Eagles.
5:05 PM  The Eagles are blitzing the shine-ola out of the Steelers.  Big Ben fumbles and the Eagles recover.  That's a huge play.  They need to go down and score here. 

Jacksonville finally used someone other than Jones-Drew and Taylor....and of course it was for no gain.

DeSean with a third catch....he held it.
5:15 PM  The Lions are REALLY REALLY bad.

Actually, the only thing worse than the Lions defense might be the Florida Marlins defense.  Wow, what a routine pop up he dropped with two outs.  Make them pay, boys.
5:23 PM  Whoa....Big Ben doesn't get sacked......throws it deep downfield.....and intercepted.  Not his day today.
5:28 PM  Pressure on McNabb and Booker looked like Girl Scout in a rowdy bar trying to block the rusher.  It forced McNabb into a bad pass that fluttered over an open Jackson and it gets picked.  Time for the defense to get right back out there and apply some pressure.
5:35 PM  Steelers are trying for a 53 yard field goal.  Its risky.  I would do it though if I were the Steelers.  And now the Eagles call a timeout after the Steelers called one.  Have to wait some more.  And its good.

Alright...its dinnertime.
6:01 PM  The Eagles defense is playing great.  Big Ben's hearing footsteps every time he's dropped back.  And probably most importantly, the Eagles have shut down the run.

Remember how I said I would cry if Westbrook was hurt?  Well, I don't know what I'll do if McNabb is hurt.  Kolb's in right now.  I have faith in him.
6:06 PM  I do not agree with that call.  I thought the ball was trapped.

The defense has responded.  Its now third and long for the Steelers.  Big play for the Eagles here.  And they send the house.  Somehow Big Ben avoids the sack and gains a yard.  Not called a sack in the stat sheet, but in all intents and purposes, it was.  Did I hear that McNabb is back?  I hope so.  But Kolb's coming back on the field. 

3-1 Phillies.  There goes the shutout for Moyer.
6:12 PM  What a catch by Baskett.

YES!!!! McNabb comes back out.  Completes his first pass back with a nice check down to Buck.

Buckhalter and Booker have done a good job since Westbrook's been out.
6:26 PM  Ugh, the Eagles can't really do anything with that possession.  The Steelers have good field position here.  A turnover would be nice here.
6:33 PM  Howard gets the sack.  He just powered right through and Big Ben had no chance.  It must be really frustrating for him.
6:38 PM  The Eagles offense has gone stagnant.  They are missing Westbrook.  Reggie Brown is MIA.  But man, Sav Rocca helps the Eagles out with an excellent punt.
6:50 PM  Another great punt by Rocca.  The Eagles need another big stop.

Pedro Feliz hits a 2 run bomb.  5-2 Phils.  Clutch hit.
6:54 PM  Great play by the defense.  Big Ben somehow gets rid of the ball, but the ref throws the flag and Tomlin is furious.  It was a bad call, but on the replay, you can see Big Ben's knee is down, so its a safety, but not for the right reason.
7:07 PM  Wow, Brian Dawkins is a beast tonight.  He literally flew and knocked the ball out of Big Ben's hands and then recovered it.  He's had a monster of a game.

Akers is coming in for a field goal.  If he makes it, it will be a 2 possession game.  31 yard attempt and it is good.

15-6.  Big Ben went to the locker room and Leftwich is in.
7:21 PM  Terrible decision by Tomlin to go for it on 4th down.  Its incomplete and the Eagles will win it.

What a game by the defense.
Alright, let's finish this off.

Awesome job by the Eagles today.  The defense absoutely played their hearts out.  And the team didn't panic when Westbrook left the game.

I'll give out 4 game balls today.

The first game ball goes to the defense.  9 sacks, some huge turnovers, 20 yards for Parker, held the Steelers to 180 yards (and 51 of those yards came on the last drive), and just overall domination in the trenches.  Could not have asked for a better performance.

My next game ball goes to Brian Dawkins.  He really shut up his critics and put together a GREAT game.  He had 5 tackles, a sack, and a flying forced fumbled, which he also recovered.

Sav Rocca gets a gameball.  He really boomed some kicks to back up the Steelers and then finessed a nice one as well.

Hank Baskett gets my final game ball.  He made some really nice catches on some frozen ropes by McNabb.  He showed up.

Kyle Orton has probably soiled his pants.
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