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Posted on: January 15, 2008 10:14 pm
Edited on: January 15, 2008 11:41 pm

What the heck?

Okay, so who would have thunk that the Thrashers would beat the Red Wings? And it wasn't like they squeaked one out...the final score was 5-1! For the nightly pick thread, they were my "Best Bet." Whoops. Let's see how I did for the other games so we can all have a good laugh, shall we? (By the way, I should be reading Thermodynamics right now, but who gives a crap?)
  • Canadiens vs Islanders: I picked the Canadiens, and hey, they actually won 3-1.
  • Canucks vs Blue Jackets: I picked the Canucks. WRONG!!! Jackets win 3-2.
  • Hurricanes vs Maple Leafs: Come on, who in their right mind would pick the Leafs, right? Leafs win 5-4.*
  • Thrashers vs Red Wings: As we already know, I picked Detroit and was terribly wrong.
  • Flames vs Predators: I picked the Flames. They are down 3-0 and are well on their way to a loss. So unless a miracle happens, I lose this one too.
So let's see, that makes me 1-4 for the night. But hey, at least I finally have one point.

*Ray Whitney finally came back into the lineup for the Canes after being out three games with the flu. I've got him in fantasy hockey, and he's an important piece on my team. Fortunately, my team is so awesome we rolled on for the win anyway. And holy crap, did anyone see that Samsonov had a goal and two assist? Not bad, not bad at all. I guess he's going to be a waiver pick up. I'd love to add him to my team that is already loaded with Hurricanes, but who do I drop? Recchi? Kostitsyn? Tkachuk? See, I told you my team is awesome. I wish I could just pick him up and put him on the IR so no one else could take him. Wow, this is a nice, long footnote. I think I might actually be nearing a world record for longest footnote. Alright, I've got to get back to work.
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