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TSHQ Boston, Keep Your Trash

Posted on: October 18, 2011 10:13 pm
There are ways to show your displeasure with the refs or your team and there are ways you don’t.  Tonight in Boston, after what the Bruinsfans and Jack Edwards thought were some bad calls against them, a bottle was thrown onto the ice (Edwards thinks every call against the Bruins is a bad one).  And then another…and another and another.

It didn’t look like the streets of Montreal after they win a quarterfinal series, but it was plenty to cause the ice crew to have to come out onto the ice with their shovels and trashcans and clean up.

I only saw the last penalty, which was a pretty obvious boarding call on Dennis Seidenberg.  Of course Edwards whined and whined about the call, but what the heck do you want the refs to do, not call a penalty on a play like that?

Regardless of how bad the refs called the game (that penalty gave Boston 60 PIMs to Carolina’s 20 for the game), one of the most classless things you can do is to start throwing your garbage onto the ice.  So since you can’t really do anything physical, go ahead and boo.  Boo really loud.  Really, really loud.  There are quite a few niceties you can vocalize at the refs as well.

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